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Electronic Packing Guide



Use original packing materials when possible If the original cartons and packing materials are available, use them for repacking. They are custom designed to fit each item, affording maximum protection. If original materials are not available, ask your mover to order a specially manufactured TV box for transporting large, flat screen TVs (for an added fee), or check with the retailer that sold you the item to see if they have extra or discarded boxes and packing materials.

Hire professional packers TV’s, home computers and stereo systems require special care to ensure they arrive safely. If you pack these items yourself, they may not be covered by your moving insurance policy. Ask your moving company if they offer professional electronics packing services, or if they can refer you to a reputable professional packer in your area. Get moving insurance Proper insurance reduces moving stress!
Test functionality as soon as electronics arrive at their destination As soon as your electronics are delivered, and before the moving company departs, plug in your electronics and make sure they are functional. If there is any problem, have the moving company note it on the bill of lading and make sure you both sign it.

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